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skagit probate lawyer in skagit, island, san juan, and king counties 

Skagit probate, trust and estate lawyer Neli Espe of Olympic Legal can help you navigate the difficult waters of trust and estate settlement after a loved one passes away by organizing the decedent’s assets and liabilities and handling all necessary filings, notices and accounting. Our law firm also represent fiduciaries and beneficiaries in settlement negotiations and disputes. Learn more

A firm for all your estate and trust settlement needs in Skagit Valley, WA 

A Washington state executor or personal representative must settle the estate while complying with the terms of the will, if there is one, and Washington state probate laws. The intricacies of handling the estate depend on whether the your loved one created a will or died intestate. An experienced Olympic Legal probate lawyer can provide helpful guidance in the following matters:

  • Determining and initiating procedures with the superior court in the proper county
  • Meeting statutory deadlines
  • Notifying creditors, beneficiaries and heirs
  • Filing requisite federal and state tax returns
  • Satisfying creditors’ claims
  • Distributing property
  • Fulfilling requirements to close the probate estate

Our estate planning lawyer can advise clients other than personal representatives who may have an interest in the probate proceeding, such as beneficiaries, heirs, trustees and fiduciaries​.

skagit probate and estate lawyer 

We draft and review wills to ensure that your testamentary wishes are carried out.

We set up trusts of various kinds to ensure that your estate planning goals are met.

We work with families and business owners to ensure that your plan is in place.

We help families navigate the probate process and assist them in estate administration.

Why hire us

  • Call us to find how our flat fee approach can save you money. 
  • Our goal is to reduce  estate administration costs so that more of the hard-earned estate assets may reach the persons or charities for whom they are intended.


The Trust and Estate Dispute Resolution Act (TEDRA) was established to provide a streamlined process for resolving trust and estate disputes through mediation, arbitration and agreement. TEDRA promotes expedited resolution of disputes involving wills, trusts and estates. When you engage us as your trust and estate lawyer, we attempt to resolve disputes without resorting to litigation. 

If going to court will serve a client best, we can assist in the following:​

  • Disputes contesting the validity of a will based on the decedent’s capacity, undue influence or defects in the will’s execution
  • Disputes seeking to invalidate will provisions or to recognize the rights of an interested party excluded from the will
  • Disputes challenging a trustee’s compliance with fiduciary duties Inquire today about probate, estate administration, litigation and settlement of probate & estate disputes.



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